Courier For Dangerous Goods

While transporting Dangerous Goods the most important thing one has to look in a partner is expertise, safety and reliability. And AIRBORNE INTERNATIONAL comes up trump on all these counts. 

It specializes in handling all types of Chemical Shipments including Air-hazardous Courier Samples, Dangerous/DGR Cargo Services, Non-hazardous Chemicals, Liquids and Powder Cargo all across the world.We also undertake door-to-door delivery of various types of Chemical Samples and Shipment by Air Freight. We have various types of packaging like inner-pack, outer-pack, combination-pack, single packing as per international standards with UN Certification. We help you with all aspects of the shipping process from certification and cargo acceptance to loss prevention and current Dangerous Goods Regulations. 

Our wide range of services include Consultancy, Packing and Global Transportation. We have complete in-house packaging facilities manned by fully trained, experienced and Dangerous Goods Certified Staff to meet the packaging requirements of all kinds of dangerous goods as per IATA Regulations.  

With AIRBORNE INTERNATIONAL you are assured of: