Freight Forwarding Services

AIRBORNE INTERNATIONAL are big and yet diligent enough to give personalized service to our customers by delivering freight of any kind, irrespective of its size,to any place in the world via Air, Sea, Land and Railways. We help our customers get competitive edge in their business by enabling them to reach their products faster to their markets. 

Air Freight :

Working together with carefully selected air carriers, AIRBORNE INTERNATIONAL co-operates its schedules on all the major routes in the world, so that you can reach your clients with certainty, faster and with greater efficiency. These services are also very flexible and offer a range of options like door-to-door, airport-to-airport, door-to airport and airport-to-door options to meet every customersspecific needs.  

Ocean Freight :

AIRBORNE INTERNATIONAL offers a broad range of products in its Ocean Freight services to suit a wide variety of products of all shapes, sizes and configurations. With its wide alliance with all major ocean carriers the world over, we ensure that your cargo reaches the right place safely, at the right time and that too very cost-effectively. 

Road and Rail Freight :

AIRBORNE INTERNATIONAL has very flexible, reliable and extensive over-land transportation facilities all across the globe that includes Rail, Road and Intermodal facilities. 

Inter-modal and Multi-modal Transport :

AIRBORNE INTERNATIONAL offers the advantages of best of the Inter-modal and Multi-modal transport facilities to give you the most efficient combination of multiple transport modes, optimized time leads, reduced inventory costs and low freight costs.